2015: Success Principles (Part 4 of 12)

    Posted on 4/27/2013 1:46:14 PM

    Excellence on the Line
    Always answer the phone with enthusiasm in your voice and show your appreciate for the caller.  Good phone manner are essential. 

    Become Focussed
    When you meet someone, stand firm and steadfast.  A telling sign of an unfocussed, weak mind is constant fidgeting, shifting of the eyes and shallow breathing.

    Never Complain
    Your words have power and the language you use determine the way you perceive reality.  Be known as a strong positive, energetic and enthusiastic person.  Someone who complains, is cynical and always look for the negative and will rarely succeed in anything.  From a pure psychological viewpoint, things are always created twice, once in the mind and then in reality.  Focus on the positive.  Be so mentally tough that nothing takes you off your planned course to success.

    Happiness versus Material Possessions
    Place greater importance on staying happy than gathering material possessions.  A zest for life is developed and carefully nurtured through thoughtful activities and pursuits.  Material possessions are nothing else but "things"!

    Develop a sense of wonder about the world
    Be an explorer.  Find pleasure in the things that others take for granted.  Stop and listen to that wonderful street musician.  Read that classic book your father loved so much.  Plan to get away from the city next week and visit a secluded, powerfully natural place for a few days.  Take a mini-retreat and care for your mind, body and spirit.  It will profoundly improve the quality of your life.

    And finally.......Sleep less, Spend less, Live Longer and be Greater!

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