2015: Success Principles (Part 5 of 12)

    Posted on 4/27/2013 1:53:48 PM

    Become a highly disciplined time manager
    There are roughly 168 hours in a week.  Be ruthless with your time.  Set aside a few minutes each morning to plan our day.  Plan around your priorities and focus not only on those tasks which are immediate but no important (i.e. phone calls) but especially on those which are important but no urgent, for these allow for the greatest personal and professional development.  These are activities which produce long-term, sustainable benefits and include exercise, strategic planning, development of relationships and professional education.  Never let the things which matter most be placed in the backseat as compared to those that matter least.

    Maintain a Journal
    This is to measure your progress and to express your thoughts.  Writing out not only your success but your troubles are one of the world's most effective methods of erasing the worry habit.  If your life is worth living, then surely it's worth recording.

    Empty your Cup
    A full cup cannot accept anything more.  Similarly, a person who believes that he or she cannot learn anything else will stagnate quickly and not move to higher levels.  A true sign of a secure, mature individual is someone who sees every opportunity as a chance to learn.  Even the teachers have teachers.

    And one of the most powerful lessons learned in life is to always leave people better than what you found them.

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