Some training programmes only provoke micro-change as they attempt to cause a revolution rather than nurture an EVOLUTION.  As a National and International Skills Training Authority in Leadership and Coaching, our approach is to guide our clients in taking “baby steps” towards daily and continuous micro-improvements, gaining a steady and consistent ELEVATION in the way they LEAD and LIVE.

Through the application of our E3™ Philosophy, we continually challenge and inspire our clients to "reach the summit of their careers".  Our passion is to ensure that our clients attain their personal and professional "mountaintop" to become LEADERS in their field, striving towards EXCELLENCE and ultimately taking PRIDE in what they do.

Our TEAM constantly Step UP in fulfilling our Mission and operate proudly according to our TRADEMARK Characteristics.

Enjoy visiting our site and we look forward to provide you with EXCELLENCE in SERVICE and PRODUCT.

Suezette Smit
Managing Director
Performance Development Interactive
"maximizing peformance through interaction"